Prepare to be Judged

Prepare to be Judged

This is the first and only book of its kind. Have you ever wondered what the judges look for and how they see your car? What makes a consistent winner? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or be a professional car builder. This is an inside look into the judging process including many cost saving or free tips and techniques that will garner you points.

Whether you’ve never taken your car to a show or have been showing for years, this book will give you insight into presenting your car in the best light. Your car is being judged all the time whether it’s parked at the curb or under the harsh lights and critical eyes of a professional judge. Compete at a scored event, show at a local cruise-in, get ready to send your car to auction, or if only for your own enjoyment, you’ll have the satisfaction of making your car being the best it can be.

Get Your Copy

Prepare to be Judged is available now! You can get your copy HERE. It’s working its way through distribution channels and will be available at Amazon and other online resellers soon.

Ron Peters

Prepare to be Judged is my second book but my first fun one. My first was Expert Shell Scripting, a well received, highly rated computer book for Unix/Linux system administrators and shell script authors. That book was born out of the years of experience in my career where this was from my passion for cars. Shortly after starting to judge cars in an official capacity it became very clear the vast majority of show participants weren’t aware of what the judges look for and how they perform their job. Many would prepare their vehicle very well but nearly all fall short in some way or other. This is my effort to outline all the techniques and put it in a standardized form to give you a methodical plan to follow. 

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