Pistonhead Videos of the Week 1.27.13

I’ve been wanting an older Porsche 911 for a long time. This one checks all the right boxes for me.

Video Source – Petrolicious

Part 3 of the Koenigsegg story. This one is about their paint process.

Video Source – Drive

The story of a couple very rare BMW Alpinas

Video Source – Petrolicious

Hennessey Performance record setting acceleration attempt

Video Source – Drive

The Aptera, an all electric vehicle designed for aerodynamics

Video Source – Jay Leno’s Garage.

The design and build process of an incredible hypercar, the Pagani Huayra

Video Source – National Geographic

Now that the new C7 Corvette has been posted everywhere, here’s Jay Leno going over the car.

Video Source – Jay Leno’s Garage

A fun Volkswagen commercial of a dog and a car.

Video Source – Volswagen

“A” Story, the family history of a Model A Ford.

Video Source – eGarage

Drone Rally Photography. This technique provides some amazing video shots that is likely to change the way we view motorsports

Video Source – FS Aviation

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