Pistonhead Videos of the Week 1.20.13

The latest collection of videos for the week that I’ve run across. I’m pretty much caught up as these are all new from this week.

Viper SRT vs Corvette ZR1. A comparison of the two American sports/super cars both on the road and at Laguna Seca/Mazda Raceway

Jay Leno reviews his custom built Jaguar XKE. It looks basically original but it isn’t. Jay usually goes for completely stock or as in this case stock appearing cars.

This is a great story about Singer and their vision of the ultimate air-cooled Porsche 911. I love 911’s and if money were no object, I’d have one of these. I love their attention to detail and their achievement at building a vehicle that is such a well tuned package.

My son would love a Lotus Elise. Here’s one taking a beautiful tour through the Alps. The scenery is nice but I would have preferred more exhaust notes.

Jay Leno is installing a Telma induction braking system on his American LaFrance fire engine. This is a really cool system that can really save money on braking systems for large vehicles.

A quick tour of a new Viper being put together on the assembly line. Notice at 50 seconds into the video in the background there is a drag racing christmas tree apparently signifying the start of the line. Near the end you’ll notice the checkered flag for line completion.

Dubai is the epitome of excess and opulence. So what a perfect place to show off the new Aston Martin. The views are incredible and I don’t think there would be a much better place to view such wealth.

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