Interview, Podcasts and the Shop Stereo


Yesterday was an exciting day. I landed an interview about my book that will be aired on a podcast. It’s yet another effort into marketing and gaining exposure. This was related to the website and podcast of Rob Kibbe on The Muscle Car Place. Rob started a podcast a few years ago and turned his passion for muscle cars into a career. He’s been able to fully transition out office/cubicle life to something that he loves. As they say, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

Rob was very easy to talk to and a great guy and we talked about show car judging. It was a really fun conversation but still a bit stressful. Not knowing exactly what to expect and  an awareness in the back of my mind that I’m promoting my book and want to “get it right”. Though the interview isn’t live, I wanted to be as clear as I could. Of course, after the call was over, there were a number of things I thought of that I should have said or points I wanted to make. Oh well, what’s done is done and I’ll keep moving forward.

The main point I didn’t make was that the book isn’t only about preparing for the judge’s scrutiny. It’s about maximizing the vehicle you have in the best way possible. Also that you should have fun with your car and not live for the trophy. In any case, the podcast will “air” sometime in May. Once I have a firm date, I’ll post it here.


For those of you who may not know, a podcast is simply an audio recording much like a radio show. Anyone on the Internet can create one and post it for all to hear. There are podcasts on practically any topic you could possibly want to hear. I’ve taken to listening to them while I’m out in the shop working on my car. Some of the podcasts are actual radio shows that are simply recorded for later use.

The term podcast is related to the Apple Ipod where you can download the audio files onto your device and listen to them at your leisure. It’s more general now in that you can download them on any mp3 player device or smartphone. I use my iPhone and download a number of shows that are automotive related. This is what I listen to in no particular order except for the first, since I was interviewed there.

  • The Muscle Car Place
  • Car Talk
  • Hot Rod Magazine Radio
  • Rod and Custom Radio
  • Street Rodder Radio

There’s a theme here. In any case, they’re fun to listen to while I’m turning wrenches.

Shop Stereo

This is the stereo in my shop. It’s not much to look at but it works well enough (4 speakers strategically placed around the building) and really, it’s a workshop, not a studio.

I’ve seen plenty of workshops that are much like mine in that they have a stereo for work-time listening that is old but functional. The key part of using a stereo like this for podcasts is that it should have RCA input jacks. These would traditionally be used for connecting a cassette deck, turntable or CD player to the unit. In this case, the external unit would be your MP3 player device. There are many on the market and some are not that expensive but they give the ability to store all your music and download and play podcasts.

The next component you’ll need is the headphone to RCA adapter cable like the one pictured below. They’re probably less than $5-10. I leave mine connected and hanging from the stereo all the time. When I want to play some music or one of my shows, I connect the headphone jack to my phone and play.

It’s a pretty simple way of using your old shop stereo technology to take advantage of modern day media. Now all you need to do is download and install iTunes to manage your music and download all the podcasts you can handle. 

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