Prepare to be Judged Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about my book. I’ve sent out some review copies but honestly I haven’t been working on it much. Since this fall and our decision to get my Challenger back on the road, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the shop with lots of new parts.

To step back in time a bit, I had a number of reasons for working on a project like this. The idea came to me when I was finalizing another book. That one had been interesting for a while but wasn’t near as fun or as close to my passions as this one. I was judging at the Portland Rod & Custom show and started realizing that many if not most of the cars there didn’t have a good understanding of what the judges are looking for or how to present their vehicle in the best way possible. And thus, the idea was born. The primary reason for writing the book was to help the show participants as well as those who might be intimidated by their first entry.

The secondary reason was that writing about cars and related topics is pretty fun. I get to talk about cars and help people with the experience I’ve gained over the years. It’s much more fun to write/talk about cars and the cool stuff people do with them than some obscure programming language that’s only interesting to a very small population of computer nerds (myself included).

The last reason was monetary. I thought it would be a project that would have interest by a large percentage of the automotive/hot rodding community and minimally help pay for restoring my Challenger. The larger goal, which is much more nebulous and less defined, would be to change my career so I can live what I’ve been telling my boys. That if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

In any case, getting back to the book. About a month ago I got an unexpected call from a freelance writer for Auto Round-Up magazine. I sent them a review copy quite a while back. He wanted to let me know that he’d loved the book and written a review in the upcoming issue and wanted to send me an advance copy. Wow, that was cool! In the same week, I received an email from Dan Miller saying that he’d read my book and loved it. Dan is a nationally renowned career coach and author as well as a car guy. Double Wow!

While I’ve been out in the shop working on my car, I’ve taken to listening to automotive podcasts which has been pretty fun. I’m now working on getting some review copies into the hands of the hosts of those shows in anticipation of an interview. One of those guys who’s very well known probably lives within 15min of my house. Maybe I can lure him into dropping by the shop to see what I’ve been working on. Here’s hoping. 

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