Hardware Cleanup Tip

I was finished with cleaning up and re-assembling my tail lights and noticed the attaching nuts didn’t look so good. I could run each of them on the wire wheel to clean them up but that would take a while. I recently got my blasting cabinet up and working and thought that would be a better and faster choice. I’ll talk more about that adventure later. The next problem was how to do the deed without losing the nuts in the media.

I looked around the shop for something relatively durable that I could put the nuts in. I didn’t really want to hold them in my hand and risk damaging the gloves. This is what I found. It’s a little magnetic tray that is intended for holding your various hardware while working on the car. I don’t think I’ve actually ever used it. I saw it hanging as a fixture on the side of my roll-away and knew that was the right tool.


The best part of it is that it’s magnetic. I was able to easily clean all the nuts without them flying all over the inside of the cabinet. As you can see, they turned out pretty good. 

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