The Willys Lives – Sort Of

Over the long weekend, we were able to get enough house/farm work done to play with the Jeep some more. To commemorate the occasion, we videoed the first start of the engine in almost 20 years. The tags were last good in 1992.

Well, now that it runs and idles pretty well, it’s time to pull the engine. For those of you who don’t recognize the banging sound that the engine is making, that’s a bad connecting rod/bearing. Fortunately it wasn’t bad enough to break (yet) and throw the rod through the engine block. Now I know why the truck was parked so long ago. The other deduction I’ve made is that since it was probably parked because of the engine, It’s likely that everything else (transmission etc) probably worked.

I was sort of hoping that I didn’t have to pull the motor but in a way I kind of wanted to. I don’t really want to do a full rebuild, I mainly want to make sure the rings/bearings are OK since this is going to be for fun and we’re trying to keep it cheap. The other reason is that prior to when I first learned about the internal workings of a motor I sort of had a general idea of what was inside but really didn’t comprehend it well. I’ll be taking it apart with my son who is 14 and I’ll be having him do a lot of the work. There’s a lot of value going through the process of removal, dis-assembly, reassembly, and installation. The satisfaction is great when the engine comes to life. Knowing this satisfaction, I can experience it vicariously on YouTube videos even when I don’t know the people.

After we got the truck started and realized what was coming next, it was time to get the truck out of the rain for the first time in two decades. There were a couple things I noticed when we moved it. First, it’s really heavy. There’s a lot friction in the drive train. Second, now that it’s in the shop, it looks even cooler than when it was sitting outside. 

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