Willys First Day Home

After a lot of waiting and phone calls working out the title situation, the deal was struck and the truck was loaded on a trailer and brought home. Now the business of getting it running. I don’t have much history on the truck as the previous owner never did anything with it and didn’t have any info from the guy he got it from. What I’ve been able to piece together is that it’s probably been sitting for nearly 20 years. It’s got a lot of rust and things to fix and it looks like a prop from a Disney theme park. I almost don’t want to wash it.

I haven’t done much to it yet but I need to slowly wake it from its slumber. Hopefully there’s nothing major wrong with it. Time will tell. I did pull the plugs and put some oil down each cylinder. I’ll probably repeat that a couple more times this week and try to get the motor turning next weekend.

My wife is totally giddy about it. It’s really her truck and I get to play with it. Her dream has always been to drive to the feed/garden store in an old truck, so this is the fulfillment of that dream. Now to get it running.

The plan is to make it run and drive and leave it look just like it does now. It’s also going to be a learning opportunity for me and the boys to do some welding. I would like the interior to be re-done so it’s a bit nicer to drive. In any case, it’s the start of a big project.

Here’s a gallery in all its rusty glory.


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