My Wife is Awesome

My wife has always loved old trucks. The more they look like they should be on a farm doing chores the better. She enjoys shiny paint and chrome in that it does look nice. But a cool old truck that is clearly meant for work is what turns her gears. We’ve been talking recently about getting a welder and finding an old truck to learn on. Something where we can make mistakes and not really hurt anything.

Our boys are now at the perfect age to be learning about cars and be able to do a lot of the work themselves. Since my Challenger is already painted and shiny, there are limitations on diving in and getting your hands dirty without being very careful. The drive for teaching and learning is tempered by the desire to make everything perfect and not wanting any damage done in the process.

The coolest part about this is that it was her idea. Oh man, you can’t imagine how it makes me feel to have a wife that not only supports you in what you love but also has an interest in it too. Okay, she really doesn’t want to work on the truck or anything like that, she wants it to look like a well used, cute, farm truck to get hay for the goats (no, not GTO’s). She also said that since it’s going to take a long time and a large budget to finish my Challenger, that we should have something that would be fun to at least go to shows with. Wow, talk about Hot! She had even mentioned going up to the door of a house herself near our home that has a Willy’s truck sitting in the back to see if they wanted to sell. Talk about exciting.

We’ve had this conversation a few times but haven’t really put any action to it but our budget currently allows for some looking. A couple days ago we were at the mall and while she was shopping at a store I didn’t want to be in, I sat down outside to wait. I thought I’d look at Craigslist for some fencing (more goat supplies). As a side thought, I did a search for Willys and up came the truck you see above. Yup, it’s been under trees. Yup, it’s got a lot of rust. Yup, it hasn’t been licensed since 1992. Who knows why it was parked in the first place. The cool part is that it’s basically original and is a complete vehicle. It’s also cool that after all those years, the tires still hold air. And best of all, my wife is almost giddy over the whole deal.

I went and looked at it last night and didn’t even make an offer because of all the rust. After sleeping on it for a night and thinking about the goal of the project (learning to weld and mechanical work with my boys), for the money it was a bargain. I called the guy back today and we struck a deal. The only hitch is that he’s got to find/get the title. He never had it transferred into his name so he’ll be working with the DMV on that. I’d say that it’s about an 80% chance the deal will happen. We’ll see. There will be more pictures later if the deal happens.

So, I believe I have the best wife around. If you’ve got a significant other that is even partially as wonderful as my wife, you’re a lucky man.


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