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Ok, so this isn’t quite what I mean. Car show signs, or what might be called a Story Board are usually displayed by your show car to convey all the pertinent information about your vehicle that spectators will want to know. These signs are a nice addition to your show display. They can keep with the theme of the car or with other props that you may have at the show such as a gas pump or custom painted tool box.

The sky is the limit in what can be included. Some things might be photos of the build progress, engine specifications, famous previous owners, interesting vehicle history, original purchase price, and any number of other details. I’ve seen show signs that weren’t even signs but were flat screen video monitors with static and video displays that add to the interest of the car. I’ve also seen home-made signs from plexi-glass and stick-on lettering to professionally designed, formatted, and framed signs that really highlight the vehicle.

One particular sign I remember gave a number of vehicle details and then basically said if you had any other questions, don’t ask. My knee-jerk reaction to that sign was to be more critical of both the car and especially creator of the sign since their attitude left a lot to be desired. If I had to judge that car, I would have had an internal battle with myself between being objective about the car and being overly judgmental. Fortunately I wasn’t in that position.

Whatever you decide to use as your sign, try to use a balanced approach and communicate clearly. Use quality photos and take some time to put it together in a pleasing manner. Think of all the hours and money that has gone into your car. As in every part of showing your car, don’t skimp on the details.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a local artist who provides the service of creating these signs that are customized to your specifications. It is David G Photography and he creates some beautiful work. David’s booth is a staple at many of the local shows. He not only creates custom show signs but automotive art as well. He’s been at many of the shows I’ve worked over the years.

I had an opportunity to meet David a couple years ago when our family bought a custom show sign for my father in law as a gift. He’s a great guy and very accommodating. David is very easy to work with and it’s clear he puts a lot of time and effort in his creation and clearly has an artistic eye. One of the concerns my father in law had was that his car has an older paint job and didn’t want the blemishes to show in the sign. David told me that once he takes the photos, he performs a number of manipulations to remove any anomalies and make the car the focus of the sign. I would highly recommend his services for anyone. The resulting sign turned out beautiful.

Photo Credit: David G Photography

Whenever I get my Challenger back on the road, I know who I’m commissioning.

Update: Of course even more details can be found HERE. 

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