2011 Portland Roadster Show

The show was a good one this year. It was moved to the Exposition Center which proved to be a good choice. The spectator counts seemed to be higher than in recent years and the location is much easier to get into and out of. Parking is much easier than being in down town although you do have to pay.

I was manning the Porland Art Museum – Allure of the Automobile booth handing out fliers and schedules about Cars in the Park and explaining the show series. More on that here.

I took a few photos but ran out of time to get everything I wanted. Enjoy. BTW, the above picture is of a highly customized 62 Cadillac. I used to have one but it looked nothing like this one. Also note the red dot on the headlight denoting its either been judged or will be given an award depending on how they’re running the show.



  1. David Jothen says:

    It was good to see you at the Roadster Show. Kenton was just reminding me that we need to hookup one of these days soon and I can show you my shop and toys. It was a great Roadster Show and I was honored to have been invited and even more happy to have trophied.


  2. pistonhead says:

    That was pretty fun. I’d love to the shop and toys. I’d like to have you over too. You can see my new rust bucket. Good job on the trophy.


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