Prepare to be Judged Nearly Ready

This weekend was very productive. The weather turned sour and it rained pretty hard but I didn’t mind. I didn’t have many obligations to fulfill. I was able to have a fairly leisurely couple of days not working outside and was able to focus my attention on some finalizing edits of the book. I’ve gone through two more iterations of reading the whole book word-for-word to clean up anything that doesn’t make sense, formatting problems, and grammar issues. I’m waiting for some answers to questions I’ve posed of some more experts and will incorporate that into the final version. I think I’m about a month away from publication.

When I wasn’t working on my book, I was able to spend some quality time with my boys working on the Challenger. We’ve started installing the sound deadener onto the floor and firewall as well as the roof. Still plenty more to come. I did find that it takes quite a bit more time than I was expecting. Getting it cut, molded, and fit correctly around all the holes and contours is more difficult than I was anticipating. Fortunately, it’s more therapy and a nice escape from the real world. Every new part installed increases the anticipation for someday driving my car again.


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