Green Hornet Imperial – The Black Beauty

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I’ve never been a Green Hornet fan or much of a comic fan for that matter but this new film looks pretty cool. What I do like is the car, called The Black Beauty, which is based on a 65 Chrysler Imperial.

When I was growing up, my parents had a 65 Imperial but it was white. Looking back, it was a different time related to that car. I remember we didn’t drive it that often because my dad had another car that was the daily driver, probably because it got better mileage. That car was like putting on your Sundays best in that it had to be a special trip to take it somewhere. It could have been a trip to my aunt and uncle’s place about an hour away, a trip to the beach, or simply to go “take a ride” on a weekend afternoon.

That car was huge. It would easily seat six adults and each position had its own cigarette lighter. Now that’s from a different time. I remember being little and laying up in the rear package tray by the glass watching the world go by, or leaning up over the front seats so I could see better. Safety belts weren’t really high on the priority list at the time. Speaking of the cigarette lighters, those are what taught me that just because something isn’t glowing red anymore doesn’t mean it’s not still hot.

So, will I see the movie? I don’t know, maybe. I don’t really have anything for or against it. I just liked the car. I do think it would have been cooler if the stunt cars actually had a Chrysler motor of some kind instead of GM. Oh well.


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