Vintage Car Commercials

We were searching the house for a DVD a while back and I ran across a CD that I created at least 10 years ago. I had been looking for it amongst all the computer cruft with no luck but now I have it. A long time ago I rand across a guy who had a bunch of old car commercials from the 60’s. The quality on some of them is pretty poor but it’s still pretty cool to see what those commercials were like back when some of our vintage iron was new.

I’ll start posting these as I get some time. Today was a long day at work and I’ve been editing the book for both content and formatting for a couple evenings and needed a break. The next step is to do a slow word for word read of the book to make sure it all makes sense.

Here are a couple of particularly goofy commercials of the Dodge Adventurer. The first one is something akin to The Lone Ranger but just a bit more weird. I believe the ‘Adventurer’ is Lyle Waggoner. You know, the guy who played Major Steve Trevor opposite Lynda Carter in the 70’s series The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. In any case, it’s kind of silly.

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