The Glass is Winning

After finding the door handles and getting them installed, I was able to spend much of the day working on getting the side glass installed. Unfortunately it’s been over 10 years since they’ve been taken apart and I actually can’t remember if I’m the one who took it apart. The car was at a couple of paint shops and I have no memory of removing them myself. Also, of all the rest of my parts, I have the parts with the hardware attached where appropriate and the rest are in many zip-lock bags with notes specifying their location and use.

After searching for the door handle parts, I was able to hunt down all the door internal parts that I have little memory of. It’s sort of like putting together a puzzle without any instructions. I had already purchased new window glides and part of the task was to replace the existing ones which was somewhat satisfying but that was short lived when I started installing the parts. The factory service manual was of some help but I spent quite some time trying to determine the proper order of events to get the glass in and attached to the regulator.

At this point I have a lead on how to get the windows installed, but haven’t gotten the time to try yet. Fortunately there are two doors and I will have the satisfaction of putting the second side together more quickly after figuring out the first. I was talking with a friend and he was explaining the removal process of the rear-end pumpkin from his Lotus Elan. It’s a seemingly easy task by the sound of it but because of the way the car was built, the job took several hours and was like a mind-bender puzzle you find in gift stores where you’re supposed to detach the rings from each other.

I’m pretty sure the glass won’t be quite that bad. Now that I’ve re-grouped, I’ll hopefully give it a shot today. 

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    Good Luck and on your book as well!

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