SR500 Sold

It was quite an auction. 7 days went by without any bidders though I had as many as 123 watchers. I received a number of questions about the bike as you might expect but nearing the end and nobody wanted to pony up a bid and be first.

On the last day I had a number of folks contact me about my about not wanting to open with my starting price of $1000. The price seemed reasonable as this bike runs good and is in very good original condition. A recent twin to this one recently sold for almost $2500 though it was in immaculate condition. I started wondering if I were going to sell it at all or start talking to the low bidders.

It wasn’t to be. 41 minutes prior to auction close, I received my opening bid. At least the bike would sell and I was happy about that. I went back to doing some housework while the sale completed. When I came back, it had completed for nearly $1600. That’s about what I thought the going price should have been. I’m now a happy camper. It was interesting though that I had a bidder in the running from Australia. I wonder what shipping prices to there would be.

It sold to someone in California and I’m now waiting for the truck to pick it up since it’s been fully paid. They should have fun with it. Like I mentioned before, if I were into bikes, I’d keep this one. I really like the old-school kick-start only feature. It has a compression release and a small window on the top of the motor so you can turn the motor and get the engine at the right timing for a kick start. If it’s not set right, it’ll kick back with a vengeance. Hopefully it won’t throw you over the bars.

Well, once it’s gone, I’ll set up an appointment with a barn find Mustang provided it’s still there. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll be buying more parts for the Challenger. 

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