SR500 Gone and Missed Barn Find

The bike is finally gone and on its way from Oregon to California. The driver said it looked good sitting next to the Vespa. It took a while to meet up with the driver because apparently my street numbers go up and then down, and then up again. He ended up standing in front of where my address should be but about a half mile away. We haven’t been here that long so I learned something new.

The funny thing about the shipping is that the company has its hub in Wisconsin and this driver only services the northwest and points between there and the hub. He doesn’t travel to California. So the bike gets a trip to Wisconsin before transferring to a different truck that will make the trip across the country again to the sunshine state. He said it was about a 2 week trip. Oh well, I hope the new owner has fun with it. I think it was a cool bike.

Several months ago, not long after we moved in, I was selling some horse stall rails and mats because my shop originally contained a couple horses. I’ve always thought they didn’t have enough horsepower per unit so it needed to turn into a shop. The buyer of the stall equipment saw my car and asked if I were interested in a 65 Mustang. I said not really and we continued to load their trailer.

After we finished and I got my cash, I said that I probably shouldn’t ask but what was the story on the car. I didn’t get much but he said it was a 6 cyl that had been in his barn behind a door nailed shut for 30-35 years. It apparently had a good body but did have some rodents that took up residence inside. I said I might like to take a look and may contact them. That was that.

Now at the time I didn’t have any cash for another purchase (distraction) but it did sound interesting. The money from the shop went into house projects. The only way I had to generate the cash was to clean/fix the Yamaha and sell it. It took longer than I had anticipated and I didn’t want to go look and try to make a deal without cash in my pocket. So this week I took my cash and contacted the owner who said they already sold the car.

I suppose it was easy come – easy go, but I probably should have taken a look when I had the chance. Maybe a friend would have liked it and I could have gotten some cool pictures of a moment in time. Oh well, live and learn. Now I don’t have another distraction and I can focus on the Challenger. 

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