Ebay Other: Jolly Fiat Belly

As I’ve said previously, trolling Ebay for ‘other’ makes will result in some interesting finds. Here are a few I’ve seen this week that are a bit out of the ordinary and pretty cool.

Here’s a Renault Jolly with the customary wicker seats and frilly canvas canopy. I’ve typically seen these in the form of a Fiat but this Renault is a first for me. A friend and I had talked about customizing a Ford Econoline pickup into a Jolly by removing the top and adding wicker seating for 6 or 8. Now that would be an odd duck.

Source: Ebay

This 61 Fiat Bianchina is pretty cool with the drop top and only a 2-cylinder engine. I guess this one holds a special place in my heart since my first car was one of these. Mine was a bit different in that instead of a convertible, it was a rag top and had suicide doors. I also got it when I was 8yr old for $5. I didn’t know anything about cars at the time and it was just fun to play in. As I remember, it had a hole in the block and parts were pretty scarce even at that time. When I sold it, they pushed it up into the back of a full size pickup. That’s a small car.

Source: Ebay

This last one is a supposed to be a period correct belly tank. This is a project I’d love to build. You’d probably have some challenges making it street legal and probably wouldn’t be able to run it at the salt flats due to current safety restrictions but would this look good in the work shop. It’s more of a functional piece of art than a car, but how I would like that art. 

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